PhD Research Fellow in climate change and plant-insect interactions on dwarf shrubs

Western Norway University of Applied Sciences
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2 weeks ago


This project aims to address gaps in understanding about how multiple climatic factors affect dwarf shrubs and their associated insects in differing ecosystem types. In particular, the research will combine experimental techniques to test the impact of drought and warming on plants and their insect herbivores and pollinators, with long-term data analysis and simulation modelling. The successful candidate will supplement data from two long-running field experiments in boreal and alpine woodlands in Kaupanger, and coastal heathlands in Lygra, and develop their own methods in understanding the importance of plant-insect interactions in these systems.

A full project description will be detailed at the start of the PhD period, in close collaboration between the candidate and the supervisors.

More information about the position can be found here:

Deadline for the application: 2 Oct 2023


Sogndal, Norway