R/V Expedition Seeks Research Projects

1 week ago

Unique opportunity - free research on R/V Svea!

SLU now offers researchers in Sweden the chance to carry out projects with R/V Svea. During an expedition from 25 - 29 October 2021, the research vessel is freely available to you. We welcome project applications from all Swedish universities and institutes. Send your application to participate on the expedition no later than June 13!

Armon R/V Svea. Photo.

Photo: Armon, R/V Svea.


Sweden's research vessel Svea is owned by SLU and has, on behalf of the Swedish government, been designed for Swedish marine research and environmental monitoring. The purpose of a research week is to make time available, free of cost, on board R/V Svea to carry out research projects in 2021, and thereby both demonstrate and use the resources for research that Svea provides.

The routines for environmental monitoring with Svea are now in place, and as far as possible, opportunities are also being prepared for researchers to follow or carry out sampling during these expeditions. One limitation is that the activities are bound by the logistics and costs that are mainly borne by the environmental monitoring. Therefore, we are now taking action to also stimulate increased use of Svea in research projects when she is not used for environmental monitoring. As part of this work, SLU offers researchers the chance to apply for research time on board Svea during week 43. In order for a research vessel the size of Svea to be resource efficient, cooperation between different research projects is a prerequisite. The research week is a first step in the work of creating a platform for coordinating logistics and financing ship costs for research in Sweden.

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Unik möjlighet - kostnadsfri forskning på R/V Svea

Nu erbjuder SLU forskare i Sverige att genomföra projekt på Svea. Under en expedition den 25–29 oktober 2021 står forskningsfartyget fritt till ert förfogande. Vi välkomnar projektansökningar från alla svenska lärosäten och institut. Sök er plats på expeditionen senast den 13 juni!

Se: https://www.slu.se/centrumbildningar-och-projekt/rv-svea/vill-ni-forska-med-sveriges-modernaste-forskningsfartyg-rv-svea/