Board and Staff

Board and Staff

The Board acts as the governing body of the Nordic Society Oikos. It makes all the decisions (e.g. appointing editors), and assumes responsibility for all matters except those specifically excluded by the statutes. It is accountable to the membership.

The NSO Board is elected by the NSO General Assembly and serves for two years. The term for the present Board ends in 2022.

The board of NSO

Anders Nielsen is a pollination expert, Norwegian delegate and chair of NSO since March 2020.
Bodil Ehlers is a plant ecologist, Danish delegate and vice-Chair of NSO since 2020.
Marianne Fred is a food systems specialist, Finnish delegate of NSO and chair of the OEO.
Ayco Tack is an evolutionary ecologist and Swedish delegate on the NSO board.
Ingibjörg Svala Jónsdóttir is an arctic ecologist and Icelandic delegate on the NSO board.
Linus acts as secretary to the board and manages the Oikos Editorial Office.

The Staff of NSO

Strategy manager
Åsa Langefors coordinates and manages strategical work for the Nordic Society Oikos.
Society coordinator
Michael coordinates webpage and member issues between societies and provides support to the NSO community.
Abby manages NSO's digital outreach and provides expertise in written and visual communication.