Norwegian Oikos Society

Norwegian Oikos Society


The Norwegian Ecological Society (Norsk økologisk forening) is a contact forum for ecologists active in Norway. We aim to strengthen and develop the network of ecologists in Norway and the Nordic countries and promote ecology as a discipline with a Norwegian, Nordic and International perspective.

Membership is open to all ecologists, with a focus on professionals, and, especially, young generation of ecologists, including students. NØF organizes a national conference every second year, and participates actively in the Nordic conferences. We support the national conferences, and especially facilitate that attendance of students.

We support the organization of pre-conference activities such as thematic workshops and courses, and specific thematic activities proposed by NØF members.

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May 05 - 06, 2021

This online conference will be held 5-6 May 2021 and focus on restoration ecology. Western Norway University of Applied Sciences (HVL) organizes the conference on behalf of Norsk økologisk foreni ...


Our Society

Nordic Oikos 2022 (Ecology and Evolution for a Changing World) was held in Aarhus, Denmark, on June 7–10, 2022.

Norwegian Society
Our Society

13-15 February 2023 the 6th conference of the Norwegian Ecological Society (OIKOS) will be held in Ås. The theme of the conference is ”Ecology on a used planet”.

Nordic Society Oikos

Get ready to attend (physically or virtually) the Nordic Society Oikos conference to be held in Aarhus, Denmark, on January 17-20, 2022.