Norwegian Oikos Society

Norwegian Oikos Society


The Norwegian Ecological Society (NØF) is a contact forum for ecologists active in Norway. We aim to strengthen and develop the network of ecologists in Norway and the Nordic countries and promote ecology as a discipline with a Norwegian, Nordic and International perspective.

Membership is open to all ecologists, with a focus on professionals, and, especially, young generation of ecologists, including students. NØF organizes a national conference every second year, and participates actively in the Nordic conferences. We support the national conferences, and especially facilitate that attendance of students.

We support the organization of pre-conference activities such as thematic workshops and courses, and specific thematic activities proposed by NØF members.

Next conference will be in Sogndal, May 5-6, 2021. For more information check out the Events section below, or go directly to the conference website.

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Western Norway University of Applied Sciences, Campus Sogndal
May 05 - 06, 2021

The NØF2021 conference aim to address relevant questions on restoration for a successful nature management for the future...


Our Society

As of June 2020, the Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) is launching a new website and membership platform with the goal to facilitate membership registration, communication and engagement.

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Aerial view of forest

Dear authors, readers and reviewers: We write, above all, to wish you and those close to you continued good health. These are uneasy times and we wanted to let you know that the editorial office of the Nordic Society Oikos (NSO) is open, online and virtually.

Our Society
Reykjavík sculpture

We held our biennial meeting, Ecology in the Anthropocene, in Reykjavík, Iceland, on March 3-5, 2020.


Department of Arctic and Marine Biology

Graciela Rusch

Department of Terrestrial Biodiversity
Department of Biological Sciences
Department of Environmental Sciences

Karl Øystein Gjelland