3 days ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Two post-doc positions in Microbial Ecology are available at the Department of forest mycology and plant pathology, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala, Sweden.
4 days ago | Copy-editor/proofreader | Can be based anywhere
The Oikos Editorial Office produces and manage a set of internationally renowned journals: Ecography, Journal of Avian Biology, Nordic Journal of Botany, Oikos and Wildlife Biology. A major undertaking is to copy-edit manuscripts for typesetting, consider proof-corrections from authors and proof-read papers prior to publication. All papers are published in English.
1 week ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Finland
Cities grow globally at an accelerating pace. Environmental change due to urbanization is expected to increasingly affect the evolution of extant species, potentially in a climate-dependent way. Yet, the evolutionary consequences of urbanization remain poorly understood, which is a significant problem in evolutionary biology. A few specific and conspicuous examples, however, demonstrate that urbanization-induced evolution takes place, industrial melanism in moths being the classical example of urban adaptation. This project will use a macro-scale approach to comprehensively examine urban adaptation and its climate-dependency by using Lepidoptera (butterflies and moths) as study system. The project focuses on four aspects of evolution in urban environments: (1) life history adaptations to urban environments, (2) adaptations to light pollution, (3) physiological adaptations to the urban thermal environment, and (4) the origins of urban adaptations.
1 week ago | Managing editor | Can be based anywhere
Do you have a PhD in plant ecology and an interest in scientific publishing and communication? Are you also good at project management and appreciate constructive teamwork? Maybe you are our next Managing Editor for Nordic Journal of Botany!
1 week ago | Senior lecturer | Sweden
The position is in the subject of bioscience, which at Skövde University is defined as the study of biological structures, processes and functions at different levels from biomolecules to living cells, organ systems, whole organisms, populations, species and ecosystems. Your main tasks will be teaching as well as the administration that comes from these tasks. The teaching is conducted together with other teachers in life sciences, especially in the specialization in ecology. The ecology group conducts both teaching and research where the group's research projects focus on the sustainable use of biological resources and nature conservation.
1 week ago | PhD position | Sweden
Modelling of ecosystem processes and in particular on how microbial-plant interactions shape ecosystem dynamics.
2 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Norway
This position is connected to coastal ecology with a focus on macroalgae and their abiotic and biotic interactions, including anthropogenic stressors. Emphasis is put on their adaptations to the seasonal environment of temperate and high-latitude coastal systems and the seasonal dynamics of these prominent primary producers and foundation species.
1 month ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The Swedish Museum of Natural History is looking for a statistician/quantitative ecologist and a community ecologist to work with datasets on insect community composition compiled through the metabarcoding of >8000 insect community samples collected over 12 months sampling in Sweden and Madagascar.
3 months ago | Associate Professor | Sweden