3 days ago | Associate Professor | Sweden
The subject area includes experimental and functional studies of molecular mechanisms, which form the basis for physiological processes or developmental processes in plants.
3 days ago | Senior lecturer | Sweden
Main duties are teaching and research.
3 days ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
You will optimize forestry, conservation and wood use to reach objectives on future forest use, biodiversity, ecosystem services and climate. Available are tools/models to simulate future forest use, species distribution and richness, ecosystem services, and climate, the latter based on Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).
3 days ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Depending on your expertise, you will develop models for the spatial distribution or dynamics of forest species, or make projections using available models for biodiversity and ecosystem services assuming scenarios.
3 weeks ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The postdoctoral researcher will develop, evaluate, and apply mechanistic models and stochastic methods for the assessment of the interactions between plants, soils and the environment in managed ecosystems.
3 weeks ago | PhD position | Sweden
The successful candidate will exploit a wide range of land-use and climatic data, and, with stochastic and statistical models, quantify how climatic conditions and crop and landscape diversity affect the reliability of crop yields. This knowledge is key to inform climate change adaptation of agriculture.
1 month ago | handläggare | Sweden
Dina huvudsakliga arbetsuppgifter består i att arbeta med internationella och EU-relaterade frågor inom bevarandebiologi med fokus på internationella fågelavtal.
1 month ago | PhD position | Sweden
Are you interested in plant-animal interactions and how to figure out the carrying capacity of a landscape for wild populations of large herbivores? Forestry and ungulate (moose and deer) browsing are both important drivers of forest biodiversity and ecosystem services. To better understand how these factors interact, and to predict the level of browsing damage in production forests, we need to fill some knowledge gaps: how much forage is there in the landscape and how can we measure it in a cost-efficient way? How can we use silviculture to promote forage availability and therefore reduce damage? Which landscape scale factors explain the development of browsing damage over time? We are looking for a person who, as part of a PhD, will address these questions.
1 month ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The successful candidate will develop ecological knowledge of relevance for sustainable weed management in an agricultural context, build a research profile within the subject area and publish the findings in high quality peer reviewed journals.
1 month ago | Professor | Sweden
The position is as a professor of botany with a profile that includes taxonomy, systematics and plant geography.