1 day ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The main duties of the researcher will be to develop and conduct behavioural and pollination experiments employing laboratory bioassays, semi-field foraging arenas, and participatory field trials with commercial growers. These experiments will test whether applied techniques (based on dietary and volatile conditioning) can enhance honeybee efficiency – both as pollinators and vectors of biocontrol agents to crops. The potential ecological and economic advantages arising will also be measured.
1 day ago | PhD position | Norway
Native as well as exotic species are shifting their distributions in response to global warming and through biological invasions, many expanding their ranges across elevation gradients. But species are doing so at widely different rates, leading to a reassembly of ecological communities that could have even more profound impacts on the future of biodiversity, ecosystem functioning, and nature's benefits to people. In particular, changes to species interactions in novel communities could mediate effects of climate warming on biodiversity, and on key ecosystem functions like carbon cycling and pollination, which could in turn feedback to climate warming. RangeX seeks to better understand the processes and impacts of plants that are expanding their ranges following climate warming, and to use this knowledge to inform the development of policy regarding range-expanding plant species.
1 day ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
With this Postdoc, we will investigate the impact of temperature, precipitation, and vegetation changes on methane consumption rates as well as the microbial communities at several Arctic sites, using the network of the International Tundra Experiment (ITEX). The project includes methane measurements, soil/vegetation analysis, microbial extractions, sequencing, and community analysis. Fieldwork at several remote Arctic locations is scheduled as well as international collaboration leading to exchange stays abroad. The Postdoc is expected to contribute to all steps in the scientific process.
1 day ago | Miljöanalytiker | Sweden
Som miljöanalysspecialist kommer du att samordna och leda institutionens arbete med att utveckla verktyg, processer och en organisation för miljö-DNA baserad miljöövervakning (eDNA) av limniska ekosystems tillstånd. Uppdraget innefattar en aktiv dialog och informationsutbyte med forskare aktiva inom detta fält samt avnämare från berörda myndigheter och miljöförvaltning såväl inom landet som internationellt. I arbetsuppgifterna ingår även övergripande hantering och sammanställning av olika typer av miljödata kopplat till limniska naturtyper, där naturtypernas status/klassificering enligt olika EU-direktiv och förordningar kopplas till olika DNA markörer. Tjänsten innefattar även samordning av projektrapportering och kommunikation såväl externt som internt.
1 week ago | Research assistant | Finland
to work with a Global Change Effects on Plant Metacommunities Project. You will mainly conduct field work in a beautiful meadow metacommunity system in the archipelago of southern Finland, Åland Islands. In our Academy of Finland funded project, we examine how global changes affect plant biodiversity and ecosystem functioning in a natural plant metacommunity system. We will combine global change treatments with plant functional traits related to spatial and temporal dispersal, competition and herbivory with information about habitat size and connectivity, and integrate these with measuring plant community diversity and composition, ecosystem functions, and pollinator species diversity.
1 week ago | PhD position, | Postdoctoral fellow | Finland
The successful candidates will conduct field work in a grassland/meadow metacommunity system in the archipelago of southern Finland, Åland Islands, which is a model system for modern metapopulation theory. The successful candidates will establish experimental global change treatments, collect plant community data and measure plant traits, study soil seed banks (temporal dispersal) with germination trials, and/or study ecosystem functions. The postdoc/doctoral researcher is expected to publish results in high-ranked scientific journals and doctoral researcher to advance their doctoral studies.
1 week ago | Forskningsdatarådgivare | Sweden
Som forskningsdatarådgivare arbetar du med att främja tillgänglighet för forskningsdata genom rådgivning och kontakt med forskare och stödfunktioner för forskningsdata på svenska lärosäten och myndigheter.
1 week ago | Associate Professor | Sweden
The applicant is expected to conduct research and teach in our courses within the field of Ecology (courses with a focus on terrestrial ecology, species identification and systematics of plants, fungi, and animals, and conservation biology). The applicant is expected to conduct research related to the department's research activities in the field of Ecology. Supervision of doctoral students and postdoctoral fellows can be included in the tasks.
1 week ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
We are searching for a postdoctoral researcher to study the links between agricultural management, landscape heterogeneity, agrobiodiversity and resilience. Specifically, the project will address resilience of biological pest control services against agricultural disturbances and against climate change.
2 weeks ago | PhD position | Sweden
We are inviting applications for a four-year, fully-funded, Ph.D. position in the research group of Karl Gotthard that is focusing on the evolution of life history and plasticity in seasonal environments, using primarily natural populations of butterflies as model organisms.