6 hours ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Project description
The call is very broad and spans all of our four Research Themes (RTs):

RT 1 – The physical-chemical climate system
RT 2 – Water, biogeochemistry and climate
RT 3 – Past climates
RT 4 – Climate, ecosystems and biodiversity
3 days ago | Researcher | Sweden
We are looking for a researcher focused on biodiversity impact analysis for the MISTRA-funded FinBIO project. You will be developing and evaluating different methods of assessing and analyzing the impact of private corporations and government agencies on biodiversity.
1 week ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Norway
Climate change and biodiversity losses are major challenges worldwide. We are seeking a postdoctoral fellow to join FIREPLUG, an interdisciplinary project funded by the Research Council of Norway.
1 week ago | PhD position | Germany
The PhD student will join a new research group at the University of Bremen in Germany using insects to study evolutionary and plastic responses to global change. The student's project will investigate how seasonal plasticity of butterflies is evolving in cities across Europe, including both field sampling and lab rearing experiments.
1 week ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Project: Regulatory non-coding RNAs: A driving force for multicellularity? We have identified a novel class of ncRNAs, Class I RNAs, that appears to be involved in the transition from uni- to multicellular life style in dictyostelid social amoebas. Recently, we showed that all analyzed dictyostelids have large numbers of genes for Class I RNAs but so far, we have not identified them in true unicellular organisms. We would now like to find out the function of Class I RNA, e.g. which genes do they regulate and how, and the molecular impact of Class I RNA on multicellularity. We are also interested in the commonality of Class I RNAs - are they present in other organisms displaying aggregative multicellularity?
1 month ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Denmark
The postdoctoral position is part of a 5-year Starting Grant from the European Research Council (ERC) led by Kathrin Rousk. The main goal of the postdoctoral project is to model ecosystem nitrogen (N) input via moss-associated N2 fixation in boreal forests and tropical cloud forests, and to model the resource optimization of moss-associated N2 fixation. The ultimate goal is to constrain and parameterize a dynamic vegetation model (i.e. LPJ-GUESS).