1 month ago | Director | Sweden
The Team Leader’s main role is to oversee and coordinate all aspects of development, design, planning, implementation, management, fundraising and reporting of Rewilding Sweden’s workplan.
1 month ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
This project will address general scientific and applied issues regarding long-term sustainability of insect pest management in Swedish and global agriculture, using winter oilseed rape as a model system. We will investigate potential ecosystem services and other benefits to plant protection that can be harnessed from multi-trophic interactions in diversified landscapes and cropping systems.
1 month ago | Senior lecturer | Sweden
The principal duties of the position consist mainly of research and teaching at both the undergraduate and postgraduate level.
1 month ago | Director | Sweden
As director of the Botanical Garden, you will represent the garden internally within Lund University as well as externally via contacts with other universities, other botanical gardens, and the general public.
3 months ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
The objectives of the post-doctoral project are to first develop correlative estimates from large lake data sets of how variation in temperature is expected to affect vital traits (e.g. growth, spawning probability, fecundity and survival), size structure and densities of fish top consumers across lake-specific bathymetry and watersheed specific abiotic characteristics. Secondly, using the obtained functions of vital trait variation, develop matrix or integral projection models for populations of lake fish top predators with emphasis on the effects of anthropogenic drivers on the production and size structure of salmonid top consumers across gradients of natural environmental drivers.
7 months ago | Postdoctoral fellow | Sweden
Effects of peatland forest management on hydrology and greenhouse gases