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PhD Fellow in Marine Ecology/Biological Oceanography

A PhD position in Biological Oceanography is available at the Department of Arctic and Marine Biology within the research group Arctic Marine System Ecology.

The PhD project will address zooplankton patchiness in the Norwegian Sea and will be centered around questions that arose in relation to observed large-scale zooplankton patches in the area. The fellow will be expected to collect own data in the field, during cruises in the Norwegian Sea, and to perform experiments with copepods and other zooplankton, as well as to statistically analyze large data sets from advanced optical and acoustical sensors and from ocean color remote sensing, all in an endeavor to increase our knowledge on the role of large-scale swarms in the marine ecosystem. The fellow is also expected to participate in science communication events to the public (e.g. fairs and web sites) and to the scientific community (i.e. conferences and workshops). Deadline 3. januar. Les mer om stillingen her