New Gateway for the Nordic Ecological Societies

One platform, all members

In June 2020 the Nordic Society Oikos, together with the five national Nordic ecological societies, launched a new website and membership platform through the provider Glue Up. The new unified platform facilitates membership registration, communication, and engagement for members of NSO and the national societies.

Members of all five Nordic ecological societies can now register and manage their memberships through one common portal, simply by visiting the NSO website or the Glue Up app. Members can use the membership platform to find others with similar research interests and to subscribe to newsletters or specific mailing lists. Learn more about membership.

Conferences, meetings, and other events will also be arranged and managed through the platform, making it easy for members to register for and follow events.

One website, all societies

The new website is not only a gateway to our membership directory; it is also a one-stop site for information about NSO and its national societies, scientific journals, events, and all ongoing initiatives. It will be a primary outlet for NSO to dispense news to members. Get started exploring the new NSO website.

We hope you stay tuned and take advantage of the possibilities the new portal provides!