NSO’s Open Access Journals—And Deals

NSO journals

Did you know that the Nordic Society Oikos publishes Open Access journals and offers Open Access deals for authors, through our publisher Wiley?

Our Journal of Avian Biology moved to Open Access on January 1, 2022, following in the footsteps of Ecography two years ago. Papers in these journals are free to read, dating back to 1997 for Ecography and 2000 for Journal of Avian Biology.

The newest member of the NSO journal portfolio is Wildlife Biology. This journal has been Open Access for years, but as an NSO journal it now has the benefit of several Open Access deals that help authors cover Article Publication Charges.

Wiley has OA deals in a growing list of countries, allowing researchers affiliated with many organizations to publish Open Access in NSO journals (including Oikos and Nordic Journal of Botany) at no direct costs for the authors.

Learn more about Wiley’s Open Access deals and waivers, and feel free to contact  with any questions! Check out all of the NSO journals here.