How to Navigate NSO

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The Nordic Society Oikos and the national societies of Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway, and Sweden recently launched a new, unified member platform through the provider Glue Up. The new platform helps members manage their memberships, attend events, and keep up with everything going on in our Nordic ecological societies.

How can you make the most of the NSO member platform? Read on to find out.

Register your Member Account

The website you're visiting right now is your gateway to the member platform. See the green Register button at the top right of the site? If you're already a member, be sure you have registered your account on the new platform! (If you're not a member yet, it’s very simple to join NSO and the national society of your choice. Membership is open to everyone worldwide.)

Nordic Society Oikos homepage

NOTE: When you register, you will be asked to check two boxes—one to accept the NSO privacy policy, and another to accept the terms of service of our platform provider, Glue Up. In order to be a member, you must consent to having NSO store information about your membership on our Glue Up platform. Otherwise we will be unable to administer membership for you!

Manage Your Membership...and Events

Once you have registered your account, you can log in anytime to manage your dual membership in NSO and one of the five national societies. Just click on the green Login link at the top of the website (it turns into a My Profile link once you're logged in). Or click on Member Portal under "Membership" in the main menu.

Through the platform you can keep your profile information up to date, manage your email subscriptions, pay your membership fee, and explore the directory of other members around the Nordic region and the world. But that's not all: you can also use the platform to sign up for and engage in events! Our conferences, meetings, and other events are all administered through the new member platform.

Check the Website Often for Society Updates

This website is much more than a portal to the member platform; it's also a centralized source of current information about NSO and all five of our national societies, as well as the ecological journals published by our editorial office.

Explore the site! Learn about NSO, see who’s on the board, check out the national societies, peruse the journals...and come back often to keep up on the latest news.

Download the App

To access the member platform easily on your phone, download the Glue Up app.

Are You Receiving Emails from NSO?

Members receive our quarterly newsletter and occasional additional messages from NSO or the national societies, along with notifications about your membership as needed. You can manage your subscriptions, of course.

However, many email servers have strong filters! To make sure that messages from NSO don't end up in your spam folder, it's a good idea to safelist this domain ( and to add NSO to your contacts (,

Contact us with any questions.