Ecology departments and authorities

Ecology departments and authorities

A list of Swedish Ecology Departments, Government Authorities and others follow. The names are linked to home pages or pages related to research. Only top links are provided; in some cases several different departments can be accessed from the linked home page. If only pages in Swedish are available (tagged Sw.), these are linked.

Göteborg University
    Dept. Biology and Environmental Sciences
    Sven Lovén Centre for Marine Sciences

Halmstad University
    Wetland Research Centre, Sw

Karlstad University
    Dept. Biology

Kristianstad University
    Man & Biosphere Health

Linköping University
    Dept. Theory and Modeling
    Avd. f. biologi

Linnaeus University, Kalmar
    School of Natural Sciences

Lund University
    Dept. Biology

The Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management

Swedish Museum of Natural History

Swedish Polar Research Secretariat

Stockholm University
    Dept. of Ecology, Environment and Plant Sciences
    Dept. Zoology
    Baltic Sea Centre
    Stockholm Resilience Centre

Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)
    Dept. Aquatic Resources
    Dept. Aquatic Sciences and Assessment, Uppsala
    Dept. Crop Production Ecology, Uppsala
    Dept. Ecology, Uppsala
    Dept. Plant Protection Biology, Alnarp
    Dept. Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental Studies, Umeå
    Swedish Biodiversity Centre, Uppsala
    Unit for Field-based Forest Research

Swedish Board of Agriculture

Swedish Environmental Protection Agency

Södertörn University college
    Environmental Studies

Umeå University
    Dept. Ecology and Environmental Science

University of Gävle
    Biology research

University of Skövde
    The System Biology Research Centre, Ecological modelling

Uppsala University
    Dept of Ecology and Genetics

Örebro universitet
    Ecosystem Ecology

Field stations
    Abisko Scientific Research Station, Lappland
    Aneboda field station, Småland
    Asa Research Station
    Askö Laboratory
    Station Linné
    Grimsö Wildlife Research Station
    Klubban Biological Station
    Kristineberg Marine Research Station
    Erken laboratory
    Siljansfors Field station, Dalarna Sw
    Skarhults Field station, Skåne
    Stensoffa field station, Lund
    Svartberget Research Station, Västerbotten Sw
    Tjärnö Marine Biological Laboratory
    Tovetorp Research Station
    Tönnersjöheden Field station, Halland
    Vindelfjällen Research Station Sw.