Meet the NSO Board: Anders Nielsen

Introducing the Nordic Society Oikos Board! Representing Norway is Anders Nielsen of the Norwegian Institute for Bioeconomy Research in Ås.

Anders Nielsen

Hello, Anders! What does your work focus on?
I am Head of the Department of Landscape and Biodiversity, where we work on biodiversity-related issues mainly in the cultural landscape. My job is however, mostly administrative.

Why do you like being part of NSO and our national societies?
As an ecologist I think it is important to be part of a network of colleagues. All Scandinavian countries are small, and the national societies are therefore small and fragmented. Being part of a Nordic society therefore gives access to a stronger network.

What are your aspirations as a member of the NSO Board?
As Chair of the NSO board I feel my aspirations cannot go any further. :)

What's one way that your life or work has changed since the pandemic began, for better or worse?
Less work-related traveling is both good and bad. Less physical interaction with colleagues is definitely bad.

What do you miss most about non-pandemic times?
Colleagues and traveling.

Where are you itching to travel when it's safe?
Africa, to reignite some project initiatives in Ethiopia, Mozambique and Tanzania.

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